Sunday, February 08, 2015

dream a little dream of you

It's the dream that can't come true
For the dream is within you

And it stays and promises so much more worth
Than what awaits you...

It's a life worth living
One worth walking
One worth staying

It's the dream that makes life not worth living
The escape that promises happiness beyond  the life that awaits

Why wake?
When tomorrow is not a better day

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Theory of Everything

I leave from 'The Theory of Everything' with tears in my eyes and my heart absolutely broken. The truth is, this movie had not enough on Hawking or of his brilliance, not enough on his achievements but through it all, it had one magical thing : Eddie Redmayne. 

It is Redmayne's performance and absolutely brilliant portrayal of Hawking that enthralls you. He brings you in with every twitch of his eye, every movement on his face that pulls you in. In the end, all you are left with is the absolutely brilliant humanity that struggles to bleed through Redmayne, reminding you of the struggles of communication and the pain we feel when humans cannot connect with what we feel and how to express it. 

Now I understand why Redmayne won every award there is to win. 


Do you know what makes Boyhood so spectacular? It's a 12 year old show where NOTHING HAPPENS. That's what makes Boyhood so very very special.

Boyhood of course is famously recorded over a period of 12 years following a little boy (Ellar Coltrane) as he comes of age. What spectacularly happens is that over that period, it follows through with the life of Mason and the people around him, particularly so, his parents and his sister.

Through the years, little Mason grows up and along the way, somehow or rather, 12 years passes through and little Mason is not-so-little anymore. Throughout a blink of an eye, 12 years flew through, a little boy grew up and more important than that was that life went on, life goes on, and it continues to go on.

The essence of the story is how fast you lose time and how any mistake you make, is overwritten by time. People change over time. People also move on over time. Life goes on over time and whether you like it or not, time passes, life moves on.

This is especially poignant at the end of the movie when both Mason and his sister leave his twice-divorced mother and after 12 years, here she is with the remains of her life, devoted her life to her children but reality is, she is left with nothing. Mason’s dad on the other hand grows up from a republican hating man to marrying into the ultimate republic family, bringing about the secondary theme – people change. People grow up. People who say ‘never’ can and will end up swallowing their words. Because at 20 you can never envision where you will be at 40, no matter how much you think you can.

At the end of it all, Boyhood is about life. Sometimes, in life, nothing happens in 12 years, except people grow up, people make mistakes, people devote their lives yet people get lonely, people change and throughout all this, time slows down for no one, waits for no one and continues to go on and on.

Boyhood to me, is a spectacular representation of that.

The Imitation Game

I was so cynical about 'The Imitation Game'simply because it's topic bored me. A man who invented computers? Not intriguing at all. Ultimately, it was my love for Cumberbatch that forced me to watch this. 

Now, I am awed. By Turing's brilliance, his service to his country and his love for his science. The movie was heavily criticized because of the lack of focus on Turing's sentence of indecency but then there's the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch who injects so much pain into Turing making his story so heartfelt and so painful and bittersweet. We've come a long way since but to watch this pain visualized brings a perspective to my cynicism.

I thought this movie was perfect. 

I follow and join on the call to celebrate Turing's majorly undercelebrated achievements and his contribution to humanity. It is humbling to know that I type this on a computer today because a man named Alan Turing lived 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How does life play out?

There is love. And he is in it. Endless, mindless love that makes no sense yet brings so much conviction. He there, in the dark, in the light. Upright, beside.

She never is.

It's deep rooted and never ending - for every make-believe fantasy, he falls harder, she falls further away.

You are the only who stays.
No matter where I go,
no matter where I stay,
no matter where I run.

Your vision continues to be mine, no matter how blind I am, I still see
only you.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


There must be a reason why you admire the ones that you do not admire.

I drown in the materialism of all the wants that you do not want.

Wont there ever be nothing - a nothing you can grasp, can feel, can touch, can love.

In a world where everyone wants everything, give me back my nothing. So i can love again.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rabbit Adventures #1

He stands always by the side. Neither there yet never really disappearing. He is a part of it yet nowhere near it. He is physically here but mentally everywhere. He watches over them and sees none of them. All he does is stand by the side of her. Of him. Of them. And when they notice him, they never forget nor remember. Just next to everyone. But never truly there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams : O'captain, My Captain

A great deal of Robin Williams' movies are my favourite, but of all of them, there is one that stands out magnificently.

I watched Dead Poets Society when I was a teenager, going through my own teenage angst, suffering through my own struggles of dealing with the expectations piled on me, versus the person I dreamt of becoming.

Of all his movies, this one taught me that life is more complicated and more beautiful and bittersweet than I at 14 could ever imagine. And when the time is right, stand on your desk for what you believe in. And if enough people do it, no law or discipline can come in between.

"Carpe Diem! Seize the day, boys! Make your lives extraordinary!"
-- John Keating via Robin Williams

Rest in peace, o'captain, my captain.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fascination Franco : Believe

There's you in the light
There's you in the dark

While you're neither here nor there, you are everywhere
If you put yourself there
You cannot fault me that I care!

It's not my fault I can't escape
It's not my fault it breaks

I don't believe I don't have you
For even when you're not here
You're never far
Always near

There's you in the light
There's you in the dark
You're mine to have
My little work of art